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Client Portfolio Seatslink Event Tickets
Client Portfolio Seatslink Event Tickets
Client Portfolio Seatslink Event Tickets
Client Portfolio Seatslink Event TicketsClient Portfolio Seatslink Event Ticketsseatlink4

Project Description is secondary ticket market. If you have tickets to an event and you can’t go, you can list them for sale. If you need tickets, you can search for them and buy them.

When you find an event you want to buy tickets for you’ll see a diagram of the arena (fig. 2), tickets you can pick, and filters to narrow down your selection based on price and quantity of seats needed. We used Solr for search. Actually, we use Solr for all clients unless they specifically ask us not to. Solr is an extremely versatile tool that can easily be put it on it’s own server so search doesn’t impede website performance. Faceted searches are pretty easily done with Solr.

Another aspect of Seatslink that differentiates it from it’s many competitors is it’s voucher system. Whenever you buy or sell a ticket on Seatslink you get to get a voucher that gives you a 15% discount off at businesses in the network. There are bars, restaurants, car services, etc. It’s almost like a Groupon type of thing added to buying your tickets to help round out the whole experience. We made the vouchers that are most prominent be the ones closest to the event you’re buying a ticket for, but you can adjust and find ones elsewhere.

The owner of Seatslink made a deal with a company called Ticket Network, which is a site where ticket brokers list their inventory. They have tons of tickets. They have an API, but it was meant for fan sites – so if you had a Saints site, you could sell Saint’s tickets. We used their API to integrate Ticket Network inventory for select events or categories of events with tickets that were added to Seatslink. The result was a boost up to 350,000 tickets.

Project Details

Web-based platform for the secondary ticket market.

Format: Secondary Ticket Market

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